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Passion for taste, quality and refinement of flavor: Thenancara e-liquids are inspired by the deep-rooted influence of French heritage and savoir-faire.

The collection of liquids offered by Thenancara are the result of extensive research with the sole objective being the creation of a genuine and sensory aromatic experience. Within each vial contains the promise of a complex perception of pleasure that will satisfy the most demanding of palates.

The quality of ingredients is at the heart of our commitment. To assure that the flavors used in the composition of our juices can reveal all their subtlety, we work harmoniously with pharmaceutically approved components which guarantee the integrity of our product.

Thenancara e-liquids are designed, manufactured and bottled in France by French artisans. They will reveal the secrets of vivid taste and velvety indulgence in their mist.

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