NCR2070C - Enercig

Enercig NCR2070C, 20700 batterij of 3500mAh with a continuous discharge of 30A.

Suggested Retail Pricing: €14,95

Enercig NCR2070C, 20700 batterij of 3500mAh with a continuous discharge of 30A.

These Enercig Battery cells are, in contrast to battery cells used for the industrial industry, provided with all necessary warnings and are fully conform with the European guidelines. The printed amperages are the continuous power of the cell (in contrast to many Chinese battery cells), therefore higher amperages can be achieved with the short pulsing of the cell. With an extra durable wrapping for every Enercig battery cell these products are extra protected for possible shorts (safety first). Be aware that this may cause a problem for fitting the batteries in some mods with very little battery space. These battery cells where produced in Japan.


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