U.S. Interceptor 20700 - Trinity Glass Hardware

U.S. Interceptor 20700 Mod by Trinity Glass Hardware.


The U.S. Interceptor 20700 is a hybrid, direct connect to the atty.

It is seamless, witch means that the machining is so close to perfection that the opening point is hard to notice at first look.  Tube opens up in almost the middle, so there no dealing with bottom or the removable hybrid cap from the top…Easy to put batteries or attys.

- Able to be use with 18650 and 20700 batteries.
- Stands 3.67 inches. 25mm wide
- Top vent holes.
- Very deep logo engraving.
- Serial number also engrave by the machine each time. So each and every mod is unique.
- Bottom has engrave our name, and is very smooth. spring loaded…Easy to take apart for cleaning, for this no tool need it.

Note: batteries that are not in perfect condition should not be use in an device. Future owner of this device will assume all responsibility for the use of it at the moment of purchase.



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