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Wick Addiction is een familiebedrijf dat handgemaakte e-liquids creëert in een klein hoekje van East Yorkshire.

Wick Addiction prides themselves on their unique and bespoke hand-crafted flavours and that they taste EXACTLY as they should, down to the smallest of details. These range from exquisite gin & tonics, old/new sweeties and candies, desserts, tarts and doughnuts, fruits and menthols to delicious coffees, spritzers and milkshakes.. and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

All of their products are manufactured within TRPR guidelines in an ISO 7 clean room using only the best quality ingredients; Giving peace of mind for both the retailer and consumer and of course, us as the manufacturer.

They put their heart and soul in to the research and the development of their creations so be warned.. Prepare to be utterly blown away with quality, clean and rich flavoured e-liquids, whether that be high VG or mouth-to-lung high PG.

If you're not utterly Wick ADDICTED... they'll eat their little Yorkshire hats.

Much love and happy vaping from the whole team at Wick Addiction!

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