Prebuilt Framed Staples Coils - WYWM

Prebuilt Nichrome Framed Staples coils by WYWM.


Will You Wick Me coils are real jewels! These handmade coils are made in Belgium and guarantee a long life span, great flavor and big clouds.


6x0.3Rib / 2x28GA + 38GA | 2.5mm
- +- 0.24Ω (per coil)
- 2.5mm diameter - 5 wraps
- 6x0.3Rib N80 framed with 2x28GA N80, wrapped with 38GA N80.
- MSRP: €18

6x0.4Rib / 2x27GA + 40GA | 2.5mm
- +- 0.20Ω (per coil)
- 2.5mm diameter - 5 wraps
- 6x0.4Rib N80 framed with 2x27GA N80, wrapped with 40GA N80.
- MSRP: €18


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Type - Prebuilt coil (wywm, m-terk): 6x0.3Rib / 2x28GA + 38GA | 2.5mm To see the price
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Type - Prebuilt coil (wywm, m-terk): 6x0.4Rib / 2x27GA + 40GA | 2.5mm To see the price
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