Crème Anglaise 500ml - Le Mixologue

Crème Anglaise 500ml Shortfill by Le Mixologue.

Suggested retail pricing:
- 1 x 30ml: €9,95
- 1 x 50ml: €16,-

Crème Anglaise by Le Mixologue is a balanced Crème Anglaise flavor with lots of options for delicious brews.
These 500ml bottles give a range of flavors which can be used to mix your own Shortfill which can be topped off with nicotine booster.

Available with:
- 3 x 200ml empty fill bottle
- 5 x 120ml empty fill bottle
- 10 x 60ml empty fill bottle
- 20 x 30ml empty fill bottle
- 50 x 10ml empty fill bottle
**Please note with finalizing your order which combination you prefer.


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